Nursing Licensure

At Allied Resources Medical Staffing, our credentialing department will ensure you have all of the documentation you need to take a travel assignment in another state. The time required to obtain a nursing license varies from state-to-state and some states accept a compact license while others offer an accelerated walk-through licensure process. Please click on the links below to see what a specific state requires.

State Compact Walk Through Time Frame
Alabama 2 weeks
Alaska+ 2 weeks
Arizona+ License issued 48-72hrs after walk through
Arkansas 10 days for new
California+ 4-8 weeks
Colorado 4 weeks for new
Connecticut 2 weeks
Delaware 2 weeks for new
District of Columbia
Florida+ 4-6 weeks (1-2 weeks if fingerprinting are done in-state)
Georgia 4-6 weeks
Hawaii Closed on Fridays
Illinois 4-6 weeks
Indiana 2-3 weeks
Iowa 2-6 weeks for new
Kansas 2 weeks
Kentucky* 2 weeks for new
Louisiana Walk through is for temp license; 4-6 weeks otherwise
Maine* 2 weeks for new
Massachusetts 4-6 weeks
Michigan 6-8 weeks
Minnesota 4-6 weeks
Montana 1 week
Nevada 6-9 weeks
New Hampshire* 2-8 weeks for new
New Jersey 4-6 weeks
New Mexico* 2 weeks for new
New York 6-8 weeks
North Carolina* 2 weeks for new
North Dakota 1 week for new
Ohio*+ 4-6 weeks
Oklahoma 3-4 weeks
Oregon 3 weeks
Pennsylvania* 2-3 weeks
Rhode Island 4+ weeks for new
South Carolina 2 weeks via mail
South Dakota
Tennessee 4-6 weeks for new
Texas* 2 weeks for new
Utah 3 weeks for new
Virginia 4 weeks for new
Washington* 4-5 weeks
West Virginia 1-2 weeks
Wisconsin 2 weeks for new
Wyoming 2-3 weeks

* Paperless nurse licensure process.
+ Special fingerprints or background check process may be required.